Chicken Breasts – Skinless Boneless


Product available as:
  • Fresh Regular Chicken
  • Frozen Regular Chicken
  • Fresh Free Range Chicken
Each option is available in 3 different pack sizes:
  • 3 Piece – Average weight 480g
  • 5 Piece – Average weight 800g
  • 8 Piece – Average weight 1,25kg
*Inner fillet removed
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  • Portions are trimmed of all excess fat, skin and bone.
  • This product is uncooked.
  • Suitable for home freezing.
  • Freeze on day of purchase.
  • Use within one month of freezing.
  • Defrost thoroughly before use.
  • This item is a random mass product.¬† The average mass of each item is displayed either in the drop down box or below the product item name.
  • All free-range chicken is air chilled.
  • No brine injection to any of the chicken options.
  • All free-range chickens are fed an all vegetarian grain diet with no added growth hormones.